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. terps within one but duke are too much. the blue devils up five. seth curry gets the foul. he had 11. duke beats the it were for the third time this season, ouch -- terps for the third time this season, ouch, 87-71. >> it really hurts to lose that game. i thought we were in good shape with about 10 minutes left and to see it go away hurts, but at the same time we did a very good job in a tough situation getting ready to play this game. >>> caps and hurricanes tonight, 3rd period, caps down 1-0, marcus johansson with the puck passes to alex ovechkin and ovie blasts past cam ward. ovie has been so hot lately. later in the period seconds after a successful penalty kill it goes right to jason arnett. he is stopped but matt hendricks is on clean-up duty and puts the caps ahead 2-1 and that is your final. the capitals win their seventh straight game. >>> finally the nationals fall to the astros in spring training 7-6. that's all for sports. we will be right back.  ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy low-fat yogu
to his ailing moment. wizards hosting golden state and remember how seth curry tore ever georgetown in the tournament last year? he did that tonight, 29 for the former star. john wal going to take the shot to tie the game and it's not good. 106-102, wizards have dropped 16 of 18. >>> baseball highlights from grapefruit game, bernodino, nats perfect 3-0 this spring so far. they beat the fish 8-4. >>> finally tonight, jimmy smith of alexandria can thank the capitals for winning $100,000 in the virginia cash five lottery. you see, smith used the uniform numbers of the team's five biggest stars. and he hit the jackpot, 100 grand he won yesterday. he said he fell on the floor when he found out he won. he said he would use the hundred grand to pay off his bills. i hope he doesn't have a hundred grand worth of bills. >> i was hoping he might buy them some offense. [ laughter ]. >> sadly, that cost more than 100 grand in the nhl. but it's a start. >> we'll be right back. . >>> yes, recap of the seven-day. >> thank you. 40s tomorrow, grab a winter court, mid-40s on friday. milder air over th
williams, down to three, but never over the hump. seth curry, the ultimate dagger. 87-71 was the score. morgan was the winner today over over bethune.verbid soo just two days left in the high school basketball season. comcast center, the semifinals. dunbar, owings mills, dunne are getting it done there. owings mills eagles fought pretty hard. dunmore pulls the plug on that climb. -- dunbar moves to the customs law in the one-day finals. the lovely finish, 29-18. second half, digital harbor is up 30. the rams when 75-45, going to the title game saturday. five buses of fans from carroll county made the trip. the cavaliers up 13-5 and the tavis with his brother. we go to the third quarter now, easton doing the work. easton goes on to win 69-52. stay with us, we will check the forecast >> a flood warning continues on the susquehanna and out on the potomac. another 12 to 24 hours for all that water to get out of here, but at least there's not much rain in the forecast for the next few days. turn the clocks forward one hour sunday morning, back to daylight savings time. it will be lighter la
of their own... andre dawkins misses the rim, but gets all net... blue devils back up 4... .now up 5... seth curry with the floater... and the foul.. look at that roll... he made the ffee throw... something maryland couldn't do... duke run away with it in the end... 87-71... maryland's hopes of an ncaa tournament bid are now over... after months of posturing and mediator, nff players and owners are officially going to war...the extension of negotiations expired at 5pm today with no agreement things move from the negotiating table to the co. courts.. and the players fired the first shot...they votd to decertify the union, meaning individual players can now file suits under anti-trust return, the owners will now likely lock out the players...the two sides met agaan today, with the owners reportedly offering to split the remaining difference between the two sides...the union refused the offer, but said they would coosider another extension if the owners provided 11 years of audited financial repoots... the owners refuued, and the tww sides left the table, with no agreeme
. >> seth goldman gets into a new food and it will compliment the cake creations. >>> and the man fed up with his credit card companies makes a statement when he pays off the bill. the unusual and incredibly frustrating way he paid it off. i am going to like this. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> 6:37 right now. a consume air remember the to tell you about this morning. lean cuisine is recalling packageed meals because of red plastic pieces were found inside meat balls. you will want to know about this if you have it. nestle is recalling lean quiz seen simple favorites spaghetti with meat ball packages produced in a one hour period last october. nestle did not say pom people found plast nick food but say no injuries were reported. anyone who has the product should call the company a the number on the screen. 866-606-8264. >>> baltimore cake man is diving into something that could be served with some of his gorgeous creations. he signed a deal with blue bunny to star his own line of ice cream. the flavors will of course be cake inspired and will be sold in baltimore starting this mont
what is going on in japan. >> seth risinger plays baseball in japan. he is from mclean, virginia. >> i appreciate you joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> how far are you from where this all happened and what it is like in the area where you are? >> well, right now, i'm in central tokyo, a place called tokyo midtown. i believe the earthquake happened be twoy about 350 miles way or kilometers away -- happened about 350 miles away or kilometers away. i have the same news that you guys have. i'm watching on tv. but when i look out my window and stuff, everything is pretty much come to a stand still in tokyo. people are just kind of walking home and all the phone lines are down, land lines and cell phones as well. so they're just trying to deal with that here. i think the real disaster took place up north with the tsunami. >> seth, are you able -- were you able to feel the earthquake where you were? because it was very powerful. >> yeah. i'm actually still cleaning up my apartment as we speak. i was in my apartment for the first and original large earthquake, the 8.9. then i made i
a lion. with deadly storms and devastating floods hitting the midwest, cbs news correspondent seth doane is in hard-hit findlay, ohio, for us this morning. seth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. yes, neighborhoods here in findlay that were once along the river now appear to be more in the river. for instance, no one will be driving 25 miles per hour on this street today. residents told us as they stood in their front windows and watched the water levels rise, tensions rose, too. how high did the water get? >> it got up to those rocks down there. >> so right in front of your house? >> yes. >> reporter: this family hauled their belongings to higher ground, just one of thousands battling the floodwaters. >> this is water from the river coming right through your basement. >> yep. the pumps are able to keep up with it now. it's not as high as it was. >> this is just a fact of life for you folks? >> it seems to be in the last four or five years. >> reporter: home is the floodprone town of findlay, ohio. it's hard hit after a violent storm put dropped warm rain on a thick snow pa
could never get over that hump. seth curry with the ultimate dagger. duke pulls away late knocking off maryland late. maryland onto the n.i.t. morgan state much more success in the miac tournament. morgan a winner on friday. kevin thompson 2 -- 22 points. morgan state vs. hampton later today at 2:00. that's a look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. i'll see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> all right. john, how are you doing? >> you can't point at the ball tomorrow, i'll come help you. >> i can't complain. 59 today, 55 tomorrow. it looks like dry weather. monday looks ok, too. by tuesday, especially wednesday, we might pick up rain. early in the morning, there might be snow flakes. by the end of the week, we'll be 60's. just a reminder, daylight savings time starts tomorrow morning at 2:00 a.m. at this time it will really be 3 .5 minutes before 6:00, won't it? >> at this time. >> related to the sun. >> it really would be. you're right. >> are you totally confused? why yes. >> spring ahead. >> spring ahead. >> i'll change the clocks. >> see you soon. >> drivers that read and text behind the
. maryland 12 minutes to go. just couldn't get over that hump. seth curry with the ultimate dagger. tough foul. maryland -- duke knocks out maryland 87-71. morgan a winner on friday. testify thompson, 22 points, seven rebounds. morgan state. that's a look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. i'll see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> 5:56. >> coming up, more on the disaster in japan following the earthquake and tsunami as the death toll continues to rise. >> people that live in the town of port deposit are bracing for heavy floods. i'll explain why coming up. >> no additional rain on the susquehanna. we'll have details on the forecast coming up. >> the national safety council says that 98% of accidents involve talking on the phone or texting. 80% of teens drive while distracted, studies show. 80%. it was that that caused us to partner with the maryland state department of education and the maryland state highway safety foundation to launch the 3-d don't drive while distracted. christian greer of calvert hall is the winner of our 3-d video contest. you will see his public service announcement on o
the one-and kept in. -- tupper, the one-handed tip in. they could not get over the hump. seth cirry with the dagger. morgan state much more successful. they were all winter on friday 61-48. kevin thompson had 22 points. morgan state against hampton for the chance to dance later today. >> nice today. set your clocks ahead tonight. >> hopefully lisa will be here appeared >> thank you >> this is a wbal tv and 11 editorial. >> maryland drivers who read or write text messages while behind the wheel of a car will face fines and increased automobile insurance rates. the senate passed a bill to toughen the law. the national safety council estimates that 28% of all traffic accidents involved a driver talking on a cell phone or sending text messages. 80% of teenagers drive while distracted. it was those some startling statistics that prompted wbal tv to partner to launch the 3 d do not drive distracted project. the goal is to inform students of the dangers and consequences. the winner is from calvert hall. you will see his video next month. what the message is produced by teenagers, and targe
search tonight for a man outside a baltimore health club. seth burgess and another man apparently approached the victim on town center drive. the victim said the men hit him in the head with a gun before he was able to run away. they then fired at him while he ran. if you have any information about this attack, call 410-307- 2020. >>> cloudy skies are slowly leaving maryland for now. a live look outside now. some sunshine trying to peek through out there. and it's still chilly. wjz has live first warning weather coverage. bob turk and meteorologist tim williams are updating your first warning forecast. >> chilly, it is. temperatures are running 10, 12, 15 degrees below average this time of year. we normally would see temps in the mid-50s night rite now. only in the low 40s. take a look at these temperatures in the east. from here on east. we're alt 42. buffalo, only 28 right now in the middle of the afternoon. 20 degrees up in mount washington. boston, also only at 38 degrees. now, the cold weather will continue tomorrow as our flow will continue from the north. big high pressure
early tonight. but probably after midnight. sun seths this evening at 7:18. during the day tomorrow, storm system passing by, a pretty good chance for rain on the morning. so give yourself a little extra time. and then it should clear up in the afternoon as this storm is moving quickly. so maybe some sunshine late in the day tomorrow and warmer with a high temperature near 61 degrees. tuesday doesn't look bad either. another storm comes in during the middle of the week. rain catches up on wednesday. and this time cold enough that maybe that rain will mix with snow before it ends on thursday morning. and the temperatures drop into the 40's for highs all the way into the beginning of next weekend. so while it will feel like spring as we begin spring, winter will make a comeback by the end of the week. >> all right. since tony just mentioned the word snow, great. spring is here and summer around the corner. many families are thinking about traveling, whether flying, driving. you want to think about what toys you can bring with you. you've got a lot of stuff with you. >> thank you very
night duke and north caroliss blamed for the acc regular season title. here's seth. resitacks the toin im. that gives the devils an early lead. the second half the tar h im fr wodrad etell awahae scores. the freshman had 15. later che part out the hustle b another freshman. harrison. bonds will miss the sho reb no probl fro. he grabs his own rebound and atoes this. isonds withfam8. r arolina 71-59 capturing the regular season title and the tar se s imd in the aing s toutn reb hope you have a great sunday. >> one more lod,k at the seven-day forecast. rain with us off and on all day todahae erome of it heavy. minor flooding but we expect the high t froperao wres in the tesonier 50s. here with the chef from the latin kitchen do yoca.know in his nchod,dnchs and we' finish up the tacos. bla partened tilnchia. let's bui one of these. >> as i said we use a cilantro u atonssise. and yoca.want to get a god,d coating. basically chop up a little r ilanorn. > ad l it to your mboundn naze that you prefer. little cruncers >> that lod,ks so god, j >> i like that. >> you want the really fresh isite in
. the state says it will pay special attention to food, water, milk and the air. maryland's seth of health says the trace mentsd arm routinely picked up by air monitoring sensors but adds it is not enough to pose a health risk. >> there is for reason for alarm. there is no public health concern. what has been reported are levels of radioactive material in the air around the country. and we did detect very, very, very small levels in the air in maryland. >> the feds also found some slightly elevated levels of radioactive iodine in rainwater in both massachusetts and pennsylvania but say it is not enough to be a risk. >>> a tsunami warning was issued into japan today set off by another powerful aftershock. the magnitude 6.5 aftershock was rent ared near the same spot as the initial 9.0 quake. the tsunami warning was only issued in jap and there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. >>> president obama is getting ready to deliver the address tonight to update the american people on the situation in libya. he will give the speech from the national defense university. his speech come
the director may have been shown the door. cbs news correspondent seth doane is in times square this morning with the very latest. seth, good morning. >> good morning, erica. that's right. opening night has changed so many times for "spider-man," that even the show's representatives are referring to it as hopening night. and the show's critics are calling it nopening night. it's a spectacle unlike anything broadway has seen before. "spider-man: turn off the dark," with its high-flying acrobatics and its record $65 million budget, is now posing a very expensive question. when will it open? the management insists that's still march 15th. >> the critics have not received their invites yet, meaning something is up. the show is not opening on march 15th. >> reporter: frank reports on broadway and his sources back up a story in "the new york times" that says the opening will be dlied by three months. >> it's going to open in june. and also, there's been talk about possibly closing the show for a little bit to tweak the show. >> reporter: on "the early show" last week, even lead actor reed carney s
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night duke and north carolina played for the acc regular-season title. here's seth curry for duke. second half, the tarheels pull away. kendall marshall spins and scores. the freshman marshall had 15. later, check out the hustle by another freshman. dawns will miss the shot. no problem. he grabs his own rebound, and does this. barns with 18, capturing the regular-season title and the top seed in the acc tournament. that's a look at sports. i'm greg toland, hope you have a good sunday. >> advancing after winning the county spelling bee last month. kim dacey has her story. >> eighth grader emily durrell is the top speller in anne arundel county. she won the county spelling bee last month. >> i was in shock. >> she came in second place last year, and this year she took home the trophy after hours of working with her language arts teacher. mrs. kapler has coached students for years preparing them for the county spelling bee. >> i like to help kids be successful. >> she said emily is one of her brightest students yet. emily moves onto the national spelling bee in washington, d.c. and m
they're super geeks and happened upon a fugitive alien on the way whose name is paul, played by seth rogen. >> what's your name? >> paul. >> what's his name? >> writer. >> i'm paul. >> kidnap a girl on the way played by kristen wiig, pursued by jason bateman and a very esteemed hollywood actress. and bill and joe also in pursuit. it's a rip-roaring comedy adventure. >> do you agree with that assessment? >> absolutely. i just laughed he would call it rip-roaring. i'm not sure that's for us to decide. >> it's for everybody else. i always go with a recorder to see if anybody is rip-roaring. i don't know what a rip-roaring laugh sounds like. do you want to do it? >> starts small and gets big. you chuckle and descend into a massive guffaw. >> i'm going to try one. >> whoa. >> i think at that point your heart explodes. >> are you going to probe us? >> why does everyone assume that? what am i doing, harvesting farts? how much can i learn from an -- >> paul can't -- as far as he's concerned they've never done that. it seems an odd thing to do. they don't have -- >> they take blood. everyone
think what he tried to do, but what do you think he did? >> he should sit down or be seth robles stunt double. you don't do nirvana and kurt cobain and he was it. we know casey is talented, however. >> i had a different perspective. i liked the way he did it. i think he still needs to get his hair cut. but he is scary looking but to do it -- it was -- to do nirvana, smells like teen spirit, that is a hit. >> but the arrangement for him didn't match. i'm not used to it. >> i'm going to say it again, you have to mix the band properly within -- so that you get the context of the vocals. so the vocals are stepping out in front and there is nothing at the fort. and that was scary. >> and that's when my kids were like, what is happening? >> very twilight. >> yes, very thrillerrish. >> i want to say. that jacob, went outside of his box and tried to do something different and he did heart. you're smiling already. i'm going to start with you, marcus, but let's hear him last night. think thought it was smart that he did this. [ singing ] >> he nailed it too. >> and marcus, what do you think? >>
discussions. i believe the answer to you. guest: i am very sorry for the loss of seth, but that is where we do not want to go. that is the kind of bullying consequence to the extreme that is really at the heart of the efforts of the national school boards association and, really, president obama in addressing bullying. you have a variety of tools as a board member. they're subject to your state law. school board is a great place to start a few -- if you can, like the state school board association. they have trainers cover resources, lawyers, policy experts. many of the people on staff are either former school board members said they have the tools to help the really address. we at the national school boards association can also help you. a program like students on board would have been very useful to your school board and we plan to introduce that, by the way, in california next month at our annual conference in san francisco. the state school board association is a great resource for you. i think you said that you were on the school board, but for those members who are now active, that is a
. your book has caused quite the controversy. >> good for you. >> it conjures up images of seth grogan sitting around playing video games and being irresponsible. >> generally juvenile behavior, yes. >> men in their 20s and 30s who are now single, at one time in history, they would have been married or on the road to being married. >> they would have been like george bailey. >> now they really have to think, well, it's way far away. i don't know how many men have told me, i don't have to marry until i'm 30 or 40. they have a little bit of money in their pockets, they're working on their careers, and they're trying to figure it out. >> do you think women are smarter and all those things? >> i think it's those things, but i think there are other things going on. we have to look at the economy. a lot of these young guys now, instead of getting married or getting jobs, they're now in graduate school, they know placement is very difficult to come by as far as work, so they have that forced extended adolescence, so there are other things going on. >> and when you think about the biology, kid
, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. >>> walls of fire in florida. shutting down parts of interstate 95 this morning. evacuations are under way right now and schools are shutinged down and winds and dry conditions making this fire harder to fight on this "american morning."ry condition harder to fight on this "american morning."and dry cond fire harder to fight on this "american morning."down and win conditions making this fire harder to fight on this "american morning." good morning. it's tuesday, march 1st. i'm ali velshi. >> i'm kiran chetry. we are following a fire burning throughout the night right now. firefighters have been trying to gain control of it. it's growing and in centra
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)

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